"Our jewellery is delicate and fine and it can be very difficult to capture the true essence of each piece. With Tammy’s dedication and professionalism we have been able to capture the true essence of our different ranges. It is an absolute pleasure to work with her. Her enthusiasm, timeliness and ability to bring the subject to life has been a great asset to SWAK X"



"Tammy's attention to detail both in the preparation for the shoot and the post shoot editing meant that our photos were technically perfect and looked beautiful. More importantly though, our photos had energy and luminescence, because Tammy can make even the least willing model feel comfortable and happy. Tammy has done a number of corporate shoots for our clients too and she is always spot-on brief, spot-on time and spot-on budget. That’s rare.

Joanne Smollan,


"I keep going to back to Tammy Lieberman because she is the one photographer who is able to capture what I am about and what my music is about. She has the gift of capturing fleeting moments of expression and bringing them to life in a unique and beautiful portrait. Tammy uses unexpected and dynamic angles and perspectives that capture the spirit of her subjects and her photos leave a lasting impression."

Laurie Levine, 


"I have always found having my photograph taken extremely stressful and I usually hate the end product. I found Tammy to be very professional. She put me at ease instantly. She also took a ton of pictures so that I could have a selection to choose from. It worked because I really like the end result. I can honestly say its the first time ever that I am happy with pictures I have taken"



"It was an absolute pleasure working with Tammy. The quality of her work is awesome and in shooting all of our staff, she really captured our culture and the essence of our Dreams Program"



" Many thanks for photo shoot that you did for us at the Wits West Campus.

We are delighted with the result. We know that some of the art works were very difficult to capture as they were behind glass and hanging in awkward spots. We appreciate the extra trouble that you went to to ensure that they were all perfect. We appreciate that you were always prepared to go the extra mile."



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